Transportation and Parking

The kick off will take place in Ganei Yehoshua

A private vehicle:
Getting out of Ayalon road through Rokach interchange (said interchange will be closed for traffic from 17:30 therefore this option is relevant only before said time) 
parking areas:

  • Hadar Yosef Parking lot
  • Refidim Parking lot
get off the train in Tel Aviv University station and from there continue walk by Rokah Boulevard to the Sporteque

changes will occour in the public transportation lines in Tel Aviv metropolitan area. some lines would not be active at all. 
for further information contact the customer service lines of the companies: "Dan" *3456 | "Kavim" *82254 | "Metropolin" *5900 | "Egged" *2800 | "Afikim" 03-5252555 | "Veolia Transport" *6686 | "Nateev Express" 1599-599-599

Traffic Arrangments
 the following roads will be blocked from the hour 18:45 and on:

  • Ibn gavirol street from Rokach boulevard to Shaul Hamelech Boulevard
  • Ben Gurion Boulevard from Reines to Ibn Gavirol
  • Malchey Israel Street from Ben gurion Boulevard to Frishman Street
  • Yehuda Hamackabi Street from Ibn Gavirol to Namir road
  • Namir Road to the south from Glilot cross section to Yehuda Hamackabi street
  • Rokah Boulevard to the east of Ibn Gavirol to the Memadion

 In addition, streets near the running courses will be blocked from Wednesday, November 8, 2023 at 10:00.

We reccomend to use the applications WAZE or Google Maps to navigate and get updated about the blocked roads.